madCAM (Mould and Die CAM), the 3D-CAM plug-in for Rhinoceros® NURBS modeling tools, started development in 1987 with a standalone CAD/CAM-system to use in our family business for mold making.

When it was released as a plug-in for Rhino in spring 2003, madCAM was the first completely integrated CAM-plug-in for Rhino3D. We have been developing madCAM to optimize the integration of new CNC tools and more sophisticated machine control with Rhinoceros modeling functions.

The company

The company was founded as a proprietorship in 2002 and re-founded to madCAM AB in 2009 and we develop CAD/CAM software solutions to the manufacturing industry.

We are a privately held company that specializes in the development of advanced easy-to-use computer-aided manufacturing-software (CAM-software). We still develop within our own moldmaking division, ensuring immediate and practical feedback!

madCAM AB develops and distributes CAM-software worldwide, providing solutions for the tooling, metal-fabrication, plastic and woodworking industries.

All our products include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with a product purchased from us, return it immediately for a full refund.

madCAM AB is a family-owned company funded solely from retained earnings.

Our company facility can be found in Romakloster, a village on Gotland of Sweden. Gotland is Sweden's largest island and the largest island in the Baltic Sea. It is a popular destination for vacation during the summer and receives thousands of tourists every year. Visby, Gotlands only town is also the only municipality seat of Sweden that is accessible only by boat and air-traffic.

The history

The story behind madCAM actually began back in the 60 's when Robert Möller founded Möller's Verktygsmakeri AB, which was located outside Stockholm in Sweden. The company was manufacturing molds for injection molding of plastic parts, mostly for the electronics industry. It has always been a very strong interest in working with new technology in the family, now in four generations. This has kept our family business at the forefront. An example of that is when Robert, back in the late 70 's, built his own CNC machine using the Swedish home computer, an ABC 80 based on the Zilog Z80 running at 3 MHz and had 32 kB RAM.

In the early '80s , the company manufactured the plastic housing to the first mobile phone for Ericsson in collaboration with Computervision. The picture below shows when milling a prototype of the die-sinking EDM electrode. The data transfer from CAM to the CNC controller was made ​​with a 3km long punched tape.

In the mid 80's Joakim Möller, son of Robert Möller and later founder of madCAM AB, began to study at KTH , The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The major interest was mathematics , programming and numerical methods. This ended up with a 3D CAD and CAM system that was used for all mold making in the family business. The development progressed rapidly and the first commercial version was released for the Swedish market in the early 90s. The pictures below are from 1993 and shows the CAD / CAM system on a PC with an Intel 80486 processor.

In the late 90s Joakim moved with his family to the island of Gotland and founded GVF AB. The company's business is mechanical design, mold manufacturing and injection molding of thermoplastic parts. At this time Joakim discovered the CAD program Rhinoceros from McNeel on the internet. Since the focus of the development of his own CAD/CAM system has mainly been on the CAM part, the decision was made to start using Rhinoceros for the CAD and only proceed with developing the CAM part of his own software.

Joakim now saw the opportunity to create a very powerful and competitive NURBS based CAD / CAM solution for the international market by integrating his CAM software with Rhinoceros CAD . In 2002 Joakim founded the proprietorship madCAM and the development of integrating his CAM system as a plug-in for Rhino3D started. One year later, madCAM was released as a plug-in for Rhinoceros, the first fully integrated CAM plug-in for Rhino3D.

The development has resulted in a CAD / CAM system loaded with new in-house innovated cutting edge technologies and Joakim has spent most of his life in the machine shop for practical feedback during the development. Thanks to happy users all over the world, the company has expanded and in 2009, the proprietorship madCAM was re-founded to madCAM AB. The company distributes hundreds of licenses every year worldwide.